Thursday, 19 September 2013

Reasons Why Tourists Go For India – Its Heritage

India is a fascinating destination. Offering the vastness and diversity to the world, the country is a splendid tourist attraction, drawing visitors from different parts of the globe. These tourists visit India to understand and have a tasteful appreciation of the country’s deep rooted heritage, architecture, culture and nature. Above all, the range of diversity draws them towards the country.
Here, not a single state is identical to the other. And each of the 28 Indian states is bestowed with different facets and features, which makes the country on the whole a lucrative travel destination. Those travellers who are keen to experience more of the country’s richness and diversity frequent more towards its splendid attractions. This is one big reason why tourists go for India.

But there is more to it why tourists turn towards this exotic country. One of such reasons is its multifaceted and varied historical heritage that acts as a big differentiator for the nation. No other country is dotted with so many monuments, forts, palaces, temples, ruined remains, stupas, etc. It is this legacy of rich monuments only that forms a hook for tourists who miss that heritage element within their home countries.
The splendidly carved forts, extravagant palaces, the tribute of tombs, excellent rock cuts and the remains of the erstwhile civilizations; all fascinate, inspire and transport the tourists in the past. These heritage remnants are the most emblematic and iconic structures in the country, offering a varied taste of Indian historical legacy to a tourist.
Each monument in India is a glorious reminiscence of the rich and illustrious past of the country. Instantly recognizable, these heritage structures are the country’s most coveted national treasures. Bestowed with artistic vision and exemplary skills, these monuments symbolize the country’s rich wealth of heritage.
A tourist feels intrigued, charmed and attracted towards such a rich monumental heritage not just because of its intricate structures, but also because of the stories associated with these heritage monuments. The legends behind their creation lend a life and persona to the stone monument. Special light and sound shows are organized to bring the visitors closer to the stories and legends related with the monuments, forts, temples, pillars, towers, etc.  These breathtaking narrations bring forth the interesting struggles and threats posed against the backdrop of their constructions. Also, these special presentations recount the story behind the creation of such landmark structures and lend a soul and identity to them.

This is one reason why India has 24 historical sites that are even recognized as world heritage sites by UNESCO. All these facets of the country’s illustrious heritage make it a milestone attraction of India tour. And forms a prominent reason why tourists go for India

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