Thursday, 7 November 2013

Reasons Why Tourists Go For India III – Rituals and Traditions

Rituals are the roots of India. Its significance is essential as existence of humankind in the country. The day here begins with a ritual and ends with the same. They add structure and balance to our life. And in the country as large as India, the rituals are more vivid, colourful and diverse. Followed with a lot of devotion and enthusiasm, these rituals form the traditional wealth of the country’s most illustrated experiences. In fact, many tourists who wish to visit India envision themselves to be the part of India’s celebrated rituals. This denotes the complete experience of travellers in the country.
The first ritual experienced by the hearty travellers is definitely the welcome in the colourful country. Following the philosophy of Atithi Devo Bhavah, this welcoming ritual includes receiving the guests and offers them great respects of visiting India. This includes applying Tika on the forehead of the tourists, offering them garlands followed by Aarti. This custom extends India’s heartfelt welcome and sets the effective tone for the impressive India tour.
This kind of divine experience follows travellers at every turn in India, where they are welcomed by every household in any destination with the same fervour and excitement. With great simplicity, care and affection, the guests’ curiosities regarding the complex rituals and traditions are also met by many Indian families.
Also, the guests are involved in the festive celebrations, so that they can have a rich and personalized experience of ritualistic and traditional side of the country. Enjoyed with a lot of enthusiasm, these rituals present the country at its most exciting best. This is also the main reason why travellers prefer to go for India during the festive times and it gets more difficult to block the slot during the days set for celebrations.

Beyond the rituals and traditions, these festivals follow the rituals that have been passed on from generations to generations, and have become a part of country’s living heritage. Though the times have changed, still it has caused no change to the way these festivals are celebrated. Such is the importance of rituals and traditions that have withstood the passing times and offer a rich and enchanting glimpse of India’s living heritage. Many travellers go for India for its wealth of traditions and rituals.