Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Why Festivals In India Are Celebrated?

Festivals in India are the special occasions where the country adorns the celebrations. Socially, the whole nation becomes active in festivities. This is the main reason why festivals in India are celebrated in a community. During such occasions, the families organize get together, exchange gifts and greetings, participate in mass celebrations and even visit the special fairs. All this is done to keep the festive spirit alive in modern times.
Another facet to festivities in the country is that it binds together the community to celebrate their common culture. There are festivals for anything and everything in India. Due to the presence of different religions, faiths, ideas, ideals and culture, the country celebrates diversity. It is even said that one or the other part of the country celebrates the festival 365 days a year. Now, that’s exciting. There are religious festivals, cultural festivals and tourism festivals that are organized to upkeep the traditions, values and heritage of the region.
Religious festivals are celebrated as a part of belief. They are organized to honour gods, goddesses, spiritual personalities and events related to the journey of a religion. In India, there are primarily seven religions followed - Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism and Judaism. The festivals related to these religions are celebrated in the country with great fervour and excitement. It can even be said that faith brings out festive side of India. People perform donations and celebrate the festival on a large scale, just to make sure the religious festivals are organized in the best possible way. 
Cultural festivals in India are organized to provide a platform to the diverse art, music and dance forms of the country. They are specially organized to upkeep the artistic traditions of the past and popularize them for present and future. Many cities in India are active in special cultural events based on different forms of music, folk forms, classical and contemporary dance forms. Famous festivals among such a category include Khajuraho Dance festival, Konark Dance Festival, Elephanta Festival etc.
Tourist festivals in the country are organized to celebrate the heritage of the land for tourism purpose. These annual celebrations bring out the best in a destination and invite maximum tourists, both within the country and foreigners. These special festivals culminate the essence of the location and give the locals another reason to celebrate their age old heritage in the most promising way.  For tourists, such festivals are a focal point where they can enjoy their ‘India’ experience in the most authentic way. For this purpose, they specially participate in the fairs and festivals of India, organized to display the rich, vibrant and colourful side of the country. Some of the most visited festivals in India are Pushkar Fair, Desert Festival of Jaisalmer, Goa Carnival Festival.

It is best suggested for tourists to Go for India during festivals for the maximum cultural experience in the country.