Saturday, 14 September 2013

Discover the heart of France during India Tour

Tourism is a bridge that connects the nations across the globe. France and India are also closely connected for their shared love for distinctive cultures, traditions and flourishing art forms. Travelling in this case develops and nurtures a mutual appreciation of the cultural and traditional wealth both the countries have.
In recent years, this tourism exchange has brought a lot of benefits to both the countries. Many Indians have realized their wish of travelling to the most luxurious European country and vice versa. French on the other hand have also started swarming towards India in large numbers for their love for Indian culture. It’s the elaborative and absorptive culture of India that brings the French travellers in quest of India. And in their search, these hearty travellers get to visit the attractions of India that are prized possessions of the country.
The one destination, which is the must visit in the itinerary of every French traveller is Puducherry. Formerly addressed as Pondicherry, this erstwhile French colony is a located on the southeast coast of the Bay of Bengal. The coastal territory, lined by the rocky outcroppings is one Indian destination where French tourists can feel at home. Here, they can eat freshly baked croissants and espresso coffee, speak locally in French, admire the old French duplexes, drive through the beach promenade and enjoy a light fusion of Tamil-French cuisines.
The territory at present retains the distinctly French ambience and culture, thanks to its French colonial past. But other attraction to be explored during the visit to this French Riviera is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Founded by the well-known saint philosopher, Aurobindo, the ashram attracts thousands of tourists for its integral yoga discipline. Also, many of them come to enjoy the peaceful state of existence here in the ashram.

More than just the peace, it’s the search to find the Indian way of soaking the French culture that attracts a native to the country. These travellers go for India and begin discovering the country by looking out for little familiar sights of the historic French past. And here, they get a perfectly warm and subdued Indo-French experience in a way found nowhere else in the world. In all, it can be said that a little bit of France rests in India’s Puducherry.

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