Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Reasons Why Tourists Go For India V – Craft

India is an evergreen attraction for art lovers from the world over. There is reason behind this. No other country is accredited in the world for producing such a fantastic and large variety of colourful arts and crafts. Every Indian state is accredited for its unique and fascinating contribution to the country’s range and variety of handicrafts. Intensely colourful, delicately worked, exquisitely ornate and highly evolved, the handicraft industry of India is equally important for a tourist to India. They also make good souvenirs to take back hope after a shopping tour.
Crafts are not just a means of earning and livelihood for craftsmen here. These handicrafts are also a proud and creative expression of each community's distinct culture and identity. Their dedicated approach towards each handcrafted objects gives a new artistic meaning to the utilitarian subjects like quilts, table-tops, pottery, textiles, fabrics, etc.
Every part of India has its specialties. In fact, the destinations enjoy another identity of being a sourcing point for finest handicrafts and textiles. Like Brocade Silk Sarees are equivalent to Varanasi, Blue Pottery is associated with Jaipur, Bidriware to Golconda, Thangkas to Sikkim, Pietra Dura art of Agra, Shawls and Carpets of Kashmir, etc. Similarly, every destination journey is incomplete without observing and even purchasing such souvenirs. These ethnic sourcings beautified with Indian artistry and finest craftsmanship lure traveller’s mind to a point that makes them hard to resist. This is the main reason why these ethnic handicrafts are preferred by tourists during shopping in India.
Metalwork in brass and copperware are also an important art souvenir to be taken back home. It can be finely worked into trays, ashtrays, cups, plates and bowls. In Rajasthan, Meenakari is the technique used to colour the antique wares and jewellery with intricate enamel work. In Karnataka, the preferred antiques by tourists feature Bidri work based on inlaying technique upon a gunmetal alloy with fine designs in brass or silver. This gunmetal is later then blackened with sal ammoniac, to leave the inlay work shining.
Carpets are yet another tourist favoured handicrafts in the country. In fact, there is no match to a Kashmiri rug. A pukka Kashmiri carpet is made completely of wool with a little silk for a desired sheen. Woven carpets or durries from Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh are also considered a valued purchase.
Who can forget the touristic love for vibrant and exotic Sarees from India. Every tourist appreciative of Indian culture prefers to buy at least one of a kind piece of work back home. Same fascination can be observed with paintings of various kinds i.e. from Rajasthan, Kerala, Tanjore, Delhi, Bihar’s Madhubani etc are also purchased by art enthusiasts.

Such is the colourful world of arts and crafts in India that mesmerizes the world. You can also know and appreciate arts and crafts via go for India.

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